Financial Hurdles in Place For Marijuana Dispensaries Across the Country

Why You Still Can’t Use A Credit Card When Buying Marijuana At A Dispensary

Although the sale of marijuana has been legalized in several States, there are still some lingering issues surrounding its purchase. More and more people are starting to use other payment methods rather than cash. This means that fewer people even carrying cash on them. The problem is that at these dispensaries you can’t use a credit card. This requires the purchase of Marijuana store atm machines.

What the marijuana dispensaries have done is to have ATMs in the store so that if you have no cash on you, you can get the cash needed to make your purchase. The reason why they’re not directly accepting credit cards is simply that most of the major credit card companies don’t want to be associated with the purchase of marijuana. Until companies like MasterCard and Visa become more comfortable with the legalization of these products, they will continue to restrict dispensaries from having the ability to accept those cards.

This means that those who are wanting to purchase marijuana from these dispensaries will either need to have the cash on them or they will need to have their ATM card available so that they can withdraw the necessary cash at the dispensary itself. That is the one way that they have tried to make the purchase as convenient as possible by making sure to have an ATM available in the store so that those without cash can quickly get how much they need.

Will The Major Credit Cards Start Allowing The Purchase Of Marijuana When It’s Legal To Buy?

According to officials at Visa, they are unwilling to allow these type of dispensaries to accept payments for their product with Visa until federal laws legalize the sale of this product. As it is right now, there are individual States that have legalized it but federally it is still an illegal substance. That is why when you possess marijuana in a state that is legalized you’re okay but if you cross State lines to another State then it’s not legal and currently is illegal under federal law.

MasterCard has said that it is continuing to monitor the situation and they say they are seeking more guidance from regulators and they will continue to restrict the use of their card for the purchase of marijuana until it is clear that they are fully compliant. More and more States are changing their laws and as this happens it is almost certain that the federal laws will change as well. Once the sales of this product are completely accepted, then it is very likely that major charge cards will allow purchases to be made with those cards. Until then, you should always take cash along with you.

Ruth Nelson